Corporate Training Programmes

With the rapid evolution of Corporate Training in the recent years Learning Solutions Academy has developed several programmes to enhance employee skills and knowledge in order to equip organization with relevant skills to be competitive in the ever growing business world.

At Learning Solutions Academy, we develop and design training programmes based on our client’s specific needs and learning objectives as we aim to provide your organization with the best solutions in corporate training.

Unlike traditional training programs which tend to over emphasize lecture and presentation formats. Learning Solutions Academy’s training designs are based on a woven approach that focuses on imparting knowledge to learners and stimulating their individual learning styles.

Wheather you are looking to set up a team with no prior training,develop your management recruits from within or wish to enhance your employee skills at Learning Solutions  Academy will be able to flexibly cater the appropriate training program. Our training consultants are highly experienced and equipped with first hand industry information and in depth knowledge in their respective fields.

We offer over 80 training courses in the subject areas for you to choose from:

  • Technical Report Writing

  • Business Writing Skills

  • Effective Presentation

  • Effective Workplace Communications

  • Spin Selling

  • Cold Calling Sales Techniques

  • Outbound Sales Training

  • Retail Sales Training

  • Project Sales Training

  • Email Marketing

  • Sales & Marketing Management

  • Building Sales Funnel

  • Customer Account Management

  • 2020 Digital Marketing

  • Executive Development Program

  • Supervisory Development Program-Manufacturing

  • Leadership Development Program

  • Developing Frontline Managers

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Change Management ? Inspired by Who Moved My Cheese

  • Change Management & Managing Change

    Change Management

  • Basic Management Skills

  • Developing Winning Supervisory Skills

  • Effective Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

  • Effective Supervisory Skills

Creative Intelligence for SME’s

  • Managing Work Stress

  • EQ at the Workplace

  • Conflict Management & Resolution