Managing Difficult Customers


This 2 days Managing Difficult Customers training couse is designed is a in house program. It is easy often easy to work with people we alredy know and it is even easier to work with people who like us. But that’s not always the case. Eventually  we will have to handle difficult customers.

They are various types of difficult customers  such as; Picky customers, know-it-customers, egocentrics, fault-finders, constant complainers and the most difficult of them all is the angry customer.  These customers complain, and they are angry about something you or your company did.

There is a sound reason why we constantly face angry and difficult customers. Research indicates that 90% of customers who complain are likely to continue doing business with your company if they  treated properly. So, if angry, complaining customers care enough to talk to you.They are customers worth saving.

Not only are there benefits to your company, but you personally gain as well. Become adept at handling angry customers, and you’ll feel much more confident in your own abilities. If you can handle this, you can handle anything. While any one can work with the easy people, it takes a real professional to be successful with the difficult customers. Your confidence will grow, your poise will increase, and your self-esteem will intensify.

1.Understanding Service Quality
2.Recognizing Triggers of  Angry Customers
3.Understanding Customer Dissatisfaction
4.Types of Difficult Customers
5.Developing Effective Customer Management Skills
6.Service Recovery and Building Rapport
7. Developing a Personal Action Plan

8.Components to A Successful Service Oriented Organisational Culture

  • Front line Professionals

  • Consultants Professionals

  • Customer service Professionals

  • Sales Professionals

  • Business Development Professionals

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