All our project management courses listed below are claimable under the HRDF SBL scheme.Successful project management today varies form industry to industry.It involves increased demand for quality, delivery on time  and strict adherence  of how to manage each stage of a project’s lifecycle to achieve these goals. A project is usually deemed successful if it achieves its  objective within an agreed scope time and budget.These highly engaging project management training programs are caters to various industries and can be customised to suit  specific industry requirements.


Project Management Tools & Techniques

Project Management skills are a core competency requirement in any organisation today.Managing a project is about optimizing the resources,cost and completing them on time.This dynamic and engaging classroom workshop is conducted by our experienced practising project managers who have various industry background.

  • To develop and understand skills involved in Project Management
  • Learn to manage projects more effectively
  • Implement project administration process throughout the project life cycle
  • Understand the inter-relationship between the triple constraints on a project’s scope,schedule cost ,time and resources
-Project Management overview    –Key Steps in Project Management
-Project Life Cycle Phases
-Strategic Project Management Activities
-Project Implementation and Scheduling
-Monitoring and managing issues,scope and  risks
-Project communication and                       stakeholder management 
-Project Close Out and Reporting 
  • New & Experienced Project Managers
  • Managers and Project team leads that manage and monitor project status
  • Project team members that work on projects
  • Anyone who would like some formal training to help build skills and confidence

Effective Project Risk Management

This course involves identifying, analyzing and responding to events that may arise throughout the life cycle of a project so that the project remains on track and meet its schedule ,scope and cost. This engaging training on project risk management guides learners to identify assess and control risks in any projects.

  • Understand How Risk Management affects Decision Making
  • Develop a detailed Risk Management Plan
  • Use appropriate Risk Management Tools to guide activities
  • Develop a risk register utilizing risk profile and risk matrix
  • Qualify and Quantify Risks in Business Environment
  • Prepare Risk Response Strategies to Control Risk
-Risk Management Approaches and Concepts
-Risk Factors in Project Environments
-Planning for Risk Management Process
-Components Of Risk Management Plan
-Approaches Risk to Identification
-Developing a Risk Register
-Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Analysis
-Impact Analysis
-Risk Analysis Tools
-Risk Response Planning Tools 
-Risk Response Evaluation & Options
-Risk Management Documentations
-Risk Management Tools

Accordion Content


Project Planning & Scheduling

This training program guides participants step by step controls that are needed from project initiation to execution. It provides an overview of the interdependancies between planning and control and its measurable tools. As a measurable project plan impacts the results of project the implementation.

  • Understand the Planning Processes and its tools
  • Building a Project Plan with outcome-based Objectives
  • Identify Outcomes and issues in Project Planning
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Project Results
  • Project Monitoring

-The approcahes and techniques used to plan and close a project
-Key definitions and concepts in Planning & Control
-Purpose of business case,scope management and stakeholder management
-Sucessful planning and scheduling
-Work Breakdown Structures -WBS
-Critical Path Analysis-CPA/CPM
-Earned Value Analysis-EVA
-Steps to prepare for monitoring and control

Planning Managers
Project Planners
Planning  Engineers
Project Control Managers
Project Control Engineers
Cost Engineers
Project Managers
Project Support Team Members



Leadership in Project Management

Project Management Leadership is about creating an inspiring vision of the future and engaging people to manage the delivery of the vision by coaching and building an effective team to achieve the vision

Project Management for Research and Development

Hybrid Project Management For Manufacturing

Hybrid Project Management is a methodology used in new product development.It creates a high gain in improving delivery and time to market in comparison with other methodologies.


Technical Writing For Professionals

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Managing Projects with MS Project 2016

This classroom program enables learners to use Microsoft Project 2016 to create new projects, enter and work with tasks and resources, create schedule and print various aspects of projects

  • Learn to manage projects more effectively
  • Get a better understanding of project management principles
  • Understand the inter-relationship between the triple constraints on a project scope,schedule and resources
-Getting to Know Microsoft   Project 2016
-Managing Task & Resources
-Creating New Project
-Creating Tasks in Microsoft -Project 2016
-Resourcing a Project
-Resource Assignments
-Printing & Reports

Microsoft Project 2016 - Intermediate

This course is designed for existing users of Microsoft Project who are able to create basic projects and those who wish to extend their knowledge beyond simple projects creation.

  • Learn to use techniques for levellling over allocation of resources
  • Assign materials and track costs
  • Apply constrains & deadlines to tasks in a project
  • Track the progress of a project
  • Print data from Gantt Charts in  various ways for presentation and reports

-Resource Levelling
-Assigning Materials
-Understanding Project Cost
-Understanding Constraints & Deadlines
-Project Tracking
-Working with Project Views
-Exploring Tables
-Controlling Project Data
-Formatting Projects
-Printing Commands



Microsoft Project 2016 - Advanced

This program consists of topics on simultaneously working on multiple projects using templates and VBA. Participants must have a good understanding of creating projects, scheduling and Windows operating system

  • Learn to work with several types of custom fields
  • Work with WBS Codes and custom view with filters ,group and tables
  • Create and modify standard and custom reports
  • Links and create shared resources in multiple projects
  • Export project data to to other applications 
  • Create Macros to automate operations
– Understanding Custom Fields
– Creating and understanding WBS Codes
– Custom view vomponents and tables
– Graphical reports and formatting charts 
– Understanding and formatting visual reports
– Applying project templates and modifying
– Linking and combining projects
– Resource sharing and resource master
– Project downsizing and sub-projects
– Working with Microsoft Office applications
– Microsoft Project VBA